“I Don’t Smoke Or Drink Or Own Luxurious Houses And Cars, What Do I Need Money For?”- Rotimi Amaechi

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a prominent political figure, has reaffirmed his stance on his financial integrity, stating that he remains uninvolved with money matters. Amaechi emphasized that even those who criticize him in Rivers State are aware of his good reputation. He outlined a lifestyle free from vices such as alcohol and cigarettes.

The former governor shared his conviction that he possesses the moral high ground to criticize members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for alleged embezzlement over almost 16 years, firmly asserting his own lack of involvement in corruption.

In expressing his financial disinterest, Amaechi posed a fundamental question: “What do I need money for?” He proceeded to underscore his abstentions from vices, reinforcing his argument by highlighting his lack of indulgence in smoking or drinking. Moreover, he drew attention to his lifestyle devoid of opulent residences and luxurious cars, maintaining a simple approach to material possessions.

During his tenure as governor, Amaechi advocated for transparent and accountable governance, decrying the diversion of funds earmarked for crucial public infrastructure like hospitals. He lamented the unfortunate scenario where funds intended for constructing hospitals are misappropriated for personal gain, leaving hospitals ill-equipped and leading to avoidable loss of lives.

Amaechi strongly criticized the lack of accountability in Nigerian politics, emphasizing the dire consequences of this negligence. He likened the act of diverting funds meant for public welfare to unintentional manslaughter, where people suffer and lose their lives due to the absence of proper healthcare resulting from misallocated resources. He urged Nigerians to hold politicians accountable for their actions and decisions, highlighting the imperative of transparency and responsibility in governance