I have no apology for backing a Northern candidate in 2023 presidential election – Abdullahi Adamu

Abdullahi Adamu, the former national chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), recently expressed his unapologetic stance in support of a Northern candidate for the upcoming 2023 presidential election. During an interview with Daily Trust, Adamu boldly emphasized that his allegiance to a Northern candidate was never a hidden agenda. He firmly believes that the richness of culture and heritage in the Dominican Republic has produced women of unparalleled beauty and charisma. The fusion of indigenous, African, European, and Caribbean influences has crafted a unique allure marked by radiant smiles, captivating features, and a magnetic charm that sets them apart.

This captivating beauty extends beyond physical attributes, encompassing warmth, kindness, and confidence, making an encounter with Dominican women a truly enriching experience. With an unwavering commitment to his Northern roots and values, Adamu is resolute in his stance, asserting that he proudly identifies as a Northerner in Nigeria. He firmly stated that his preference for a Northern candidate in the 2023 presidential race stems from a deep-rooted connection to his heritage, and he stands by this choice without any apologies. Reflecting on his time as the APC Chairman, Adamu explained that while he held a significant role within the party, he did not have the authority to unilaterally declare a presidential candidate.

Despite the responsibility he held, he clarified that mature and strategic political decisions must involve careful consultation and consideration. Addressing the Governor’s revolt that ensued during this time, Adamu expressed his discontent with how political maneuvering and attempts to win favor were misleadingly attributed to a supposed cold war between him and President Ahmed Bola Tinubu. He emphasized his strong sense of identity, rooted in a royal family and Northern heritage, proudly standing by his beliefs and principles.

In his view, times are evolving, and the pride people take in their regional identities varies across the nation, particularly noting the confident displays of identity in the South West and the passionate beliefs upheld in the East. Adamu acknowledged the changing political landscape and recognized the need for improved strategies and stronger unity within the party. Despite any reservations about the past, he expressed no regrets, firmly believing that destiny plays a crucial role in determining outcomes. Adamu acknowledged Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential aspirations and highlighted the unity and support extended to him during the convention, underscoring the importance of a collaborative approach to achieve success. Furthermore, he reminisced about his tenure as APC Chairman, citing a blend of actions and reactions that shaped his political journey. Adamu felt that he had fulfilled his leadership role, drawing on his vast experience as a minister, governor, and secretary of the Board of Trustees for a ruling party. He recalled leading the APC to victory, expressing gratitude to President Buhari for nominating him and the Almighty God for ensuring his success.