“I wake up everyday apologising to my child for having you as a sperm donor” Tonto Dikeh calls out “deadbeat” ex Churchill

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress and former wife of businessman Olakunle Churchill, has criticized Churchill for using their son’s birthday as an opportunity to portray himself as a caring father, while allegedly making no effort to be involved in their son’s life. In a social media post, Churchill shared a photo of their son King Andre, who turned 7 on February 17, and expressed his desire to see his son and spend time with him.

However, Tonto Dikeh took issue with Churchill’s post, accusing him of using their son to chase clout on social media. She claimed that Churchill has made no effort to be involved in their son’s upbringing or to provide financial support, even when they were still married. Tonto Dikeh also accused Churchill of cheating on her with his current wife Rosy Meurer while they were still married, and of being involved in fraudulent activities, commonly known as “Yahoo”.

In response to Churchill’s post, Tonto Dikeh made several claims against her ex-husband, including accusing him of using her son’s name “King Churchill” for his son with Rosy Meurer. She also criticized Churchill for referring to their son with a different name in his birthday post and accused him of not being truthful in his message.

Tonto Dikeh further revealed that when her mother died, Churchill found a way to contact her to offer his condolences, but he has made no effort to be involved in their son’s life. She also expressed regret for choosing Churchill as a sperm donor and called him out for not showing any genuine interest in their son’s well-being.

The back-and-forth between Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill has garnered significant attention on social media, with some users expressing sympathy for Churchill and urging Tonto Dikeh to allow him to see their son. Others have criticized Churchill for not being a more active parent and for allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities.