If You Are Bold Enough, Report Yourself – Dolapo Badmus To Yahoo Boys

Dolapo Badmus, a prominent figure known for her work in law enforcement and her advocacy against cybercrime, has taken a strong stance against internet fraudsters, often referred to as “Yahoo Boys.” She made her position abundantly clear in a recent post on her Instagram page, calling for those involved in cybercrime to report themselves to the nearest police station.

In her post, Badmus expressed her unwavering commitment to combating internet fraud and the individuals engaged in such activities. She addressed those who identify as “Yahoo messengers” or “Yahoo Yahoo” and urged them to be bold and come forward to the authorities. She emphasized that if one is not willing to openly defend their occupation, they should be prepared for the day when the law catches up with them.

Badmus went on to issue a stark warning, stating that when apprehended, internet fraudsters would face the consequences of their actions, potentially serving time in prison. She underscored her dedication to ensuring that illegality does not prevail in their nation.

Furthermore, she directed her message not only to the individuals involved but also to their families and legal representatives, advising them to take note of her stance on the matter. In doing so, she conveyed her unwavering commitment to protecting the interests of the nation and her firm rejection of internet fraud as a business.

This strong message from Dolapo Badmus reflects the ongoing efforts of law enforcement in Nigeria to combat cybercrime and internet fraud. It is a call for accountability, and it highlights the legal consequences that those involved in such activities may face. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the rule of law and protecting the integrity of the nation.