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In Eagles Green, the Empire State Building was illuminated. Giants Supporters Were Not Excited.

On Sunday night, the Empire State Building’s lights changed to green and white in an unsettling local sight for Giants supporters. Definitely not in support of the Jets.The New York City Sanitation Department called it “treacherous, traitorous, and unforgivable.” Keith Powers, a City Council member who represents an area of Manhattan that includes the Empire State Building, deemed it “absolutely ridiculous.” The New York Post considered the news front-page-worthy, calling it an “off-color” mistake. The Daily News asked, “Where’s yer loyalty?!?”

The Empire State Building, for many the embodiment of New York, may not understand its city very well after all.

According to the Empire State Building’s website, they had planned in advance to light the tower in support of whichever two teams won the NFL conference championship games.

Representatives of the Empire State Building seemed unfazed by the criticism, tweeting a snarky retort. A spokesperson for the building didn’t return a request for further comment right away.