Infant nicknamed ‘Baby Hulk’ after being born with enormous chest and arms

Armani Milby, a nine-month-old baby girl, was born with a rare condition known as lymphangioma, which results in her chest and arms appearing extremely muscular. Due to this condition, Armani was nicknamed ‘baby Hulk’ by her family. The condition causes benign growths in the lymph vessels, resulting in a distinctive appearance.

Armani’s birth was via an emergency C-section at 33 weeks, prompted by the severe form of lymphangioma diagnosed during pregnancy. At birth, she weighed 12 pounds, three times more than the average-sized baby at that stage of gestation. This rarity in size had people thinking her mother, Chelsey, was expecting triplets. Chelsey found out about Armani’s condition during a 17-week ultrasound when doctors noticed suspected fluid around her heart.

Despite the devastating news and a disheartening prognosis from doctors, Chelsey and her family remained hopeful for Armani’s future. Armani’s condition is believed to be treatable with surgery, and she has already undergone treatment to remove excess fluid from her body. She is scheduled for surgery later in the year, during which doctors will extract extra lymphatic vessels from her body, aiding her body to shrink down to the appropriate size. Over the coming years, Armani will undergo further surgeries to remove any excess skin resulting from her condition.

Armani’s journey showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering determination of her family to provide her with the best care and treatment, despite the challenging circumstances surrounding her condition.