Instant Justice! Watch as Arsonist Woman Sets Car Ablaze in Broad Daylight – But Gets a Fiery Surprise Instead

In a shocking incident caught on camera, a woman was seen setting a car on fire in broad daylight in a busy street. However, what she didn’t expect was the immediate and fiery retribution that was about to come her way.

As the footage shows, the woman was seen walking up to the parked car and dousing it with a flammable liquid before setting it on fire. But before she could make her escape, the flames quickly spread, engulfing not just the car but also the woman herself.

As onlookers watched in horror, the woman was seen writhing in pain, her clothes and hair caught in the blaze. Despite their shock and fear, some brave bystanders rushed to her aid, using fire extinguishers and blankets to smother the flames and save her life.

Meanwhile, the police and fire department were alerted, and they arrived on the scene in record time. The woman was taken into custody and treated for her burns, and is now facing charges for arson and endangerment.

While it’s not yet clear what led the woman to commit this heinous act, it’s clear that justice was served hot and swift in this instance. And as the video of the incident continues to circulate online, it serves as a reminder that crime doesn’t pay – and that sometimes, karma can be an even more powerful force than the law.

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