It is crazy to slide into my DMs when you’re aware that you don’t possess a passport, as stated by Ezinne Kalu, a Nigerian-American basketball player.

Ezinne Kalu, a talented Nigerian-American basketball player, has recently expressed her disbelief at the behavior of some individuals who slide into her direct messages (DMs) on social media despite not possessing a passport.

On Saturday, February 18, 2023, the 30-year-old athlete who currently plays for Landerneau Bretagne Basket, took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on the matter. In her post, she remarked that it was “insane” for people without a passport to initiate contact with her via DMs.

Kalu, who has represented D’Tigress, the highest-ranked African national team, in several Afrobasket events, has certainly earned her place as one of the most outstanding basketball players in recent times. Her remarkable skills on the court have helped to secure three consecutive championship titles for her team.

It is not entirely clear why Kalu made the statement about passport ownership in relation to her DMs. However, it is possible that she may have been referring to the fact that she has a busy schedule with basketball games and other engagements that require travel, which is often facilitated by possessing a passport.

In any case, her post has sparked a lot of conversation and speculation among her fans and followers. It is clear that Ezinne Kalu is not just a highly skilled basketball player, but also a thought-provoking individual who is unafraid to speak her mind on various issues.