It may look difficult, even rough, but it will get better – Tinubu Beg Nigerians

President Bola Tinubu, a prominent Nigerian political figure, recently provided words of assurance and encouragement to his fellow countrymen. In an address delivered on a Friday, October 20, during a meeting with Southwest Muslim leaders at the State House in Abuja, he acknowledged the prevailing challenges in Nigeria. Tinubu recognized that the nation was facing difficulties, yet he held an unwavering belief that better days lie ahead.

He emphasized that achieving Nigeria’s restoration and prosperity would necessitate sacrifice and collective effort from all its citizens. This commitment to collective sacrifice and determination reflects his deep conviction that the nation can overcome its present hardships and obstacles.

Tinubu went on to underline the importance of unity and belief in the strength of the Nigerian identity. He urged the people to have faith in the idea of one Nigeria, reaffirming his belief in the country’s potential for improvement. He stressed that the government and its leaders were dedicated to doing their utmost to enhance the nation’s economy for the benefit of all Nigerians.

The former Lagos State Governor and influential politician expressed a high level of confidence in the future’s promise. He firmly believed that, with dedicated and persistent efforts, the nation’s economic condition would indeed improve. This was not mere rhetoric but a statement grounded in the commitment of leaders like him to take tangible steps towards the nation’s progress and prosperity.

Tinubu also addressed the removal of the petroleum subsidy, a contentious policy decision. He clarified that this decision was not taken lightly but was a necessity to safeguard Nigeria from a potential economic collapse. For four decades, the nation had avoided this challenging move, but according to Tinubu, it was a step that had to be taken to ensure the nation’s long-term stability and financial well-being.

In essence, Bola Tinubu’s words convey a message of hope, unity, and faith in Nigeria’s potential for a brighter future. He acknowledged the difficulties faced by the people and the sacrifices that had to be made but maintained an unwavering belief that these efforts would ultimately lead to a better, more prosperous Nigeria. Tinubu’s words are a testament to his dedication to the nation and its people, underlining the importance of collective action and shared belief in the nation’s potential.