Joe Biden’s son Hunter kicked out of $10K s3x club for ‘gr*bbing women’s ass3s and acting like a sp0iled child’ – Club founder

US president, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter got kicked out of a private s3x club for “grbbing women’s a*es” and acting “like a spoiled child,” the founder of the club has revealed.

‘’The disturbed son of the president is “very terrible – not a good person. He simply isn’t, according to Damon Lawner, the man behind the SNCTM s3x club, whose annual membership fees can reach $75,000 per person.

Hunter received an IRS subpoena after paying $10,000, according to Lawner.

Lawner asserted that the payment was made in 2018 through an unidentified lady and that he was subsequently made aware of an investigation by the IRS criminal division after they questioned him “about book-keeping and records.”Biden, Joe

Lawner claimed that when Biden received a straightforward plea agreement last Tuesday in the income tax and weapons cases following a five-year federal probe, he made the decision to reveal the sex club membership.

The 10k charge, according to Lawner, was paid by an unidentified woman who went to the club with the president’s son and was made through an LLC that concealed Hunter’s identity.
The woman allegedly submitted an application for membership to the elite sex club sometime in 2018. Lawner, who gave his approval to all memberships, was informed by the woman that she would have a lovely man with her.

She refused to provide any other details when Lawner pressed her, simply stating that the man’s “name was Hunter and that he was a member of a prominent political family.”

Lawner alleged that during Hunter’s one and only visit, she was extremely unkind to the club’s elite female members, “grabbing women’s asses” and engaging in other unruly behavior. Biden was asked to leave and was later barred from future gatherings, according to Lawner.
At SNCTM, one of the club rules was to “always ask before you touch,” according to Lawner.

“Hunter was combative and behaved like a spoilt child when I told him he had to go since people were complaining about his conduct. However, he did go.

Lawner admitted that he was still unsure about Biden’s identity and the distinguished family to which he belonged at the time of his visit.
Lawner saw Hunter’s photo for the first time and realized he was the alleged stoned man who had been banned from the club only after The Washington Post broke the story of Hunter’s laptop last year, which contained, among other things, pornographic photos of the first son and women, as well as pictures of him doing drugs and even proof of payments to prostitutes.

Following a flurry of criticism from Republicans and some Democrats that Hunter received a “sweetheart deal” after reaching a plea agreement with federal prosecutors on Tuesday, Lawner turned to Instagram to admit that Biden had, for a very little period of time, belonged to his club.In the now-deleted post, he said, “Hunter was a member of SNCTM and I cancelled his membership after 1 party since he’s a scumbag.