“Julie Andrews and Katy Perry among stars showing support at ’90 Years of Laughter’ premiere for legend Carole Burnette”

ChefBabyna.com reports that a number of A-list stars, including Julie Andrews and Katy Perry, showed up in droves to support the legendary comedian and actress Carole Burnette at the premiere of her “90 Years of Laughter” event. The star-studded event was held in honor of Burnette’s remarkable career and was attended by numerous other Hollywood luminaries who came out to pay tribute to her achievements.

The event was a celebration of Burnette’s incredible contributions to the entertainment industry over the last several decades, and featured a range of touching speeches and memorable performances. The attendees also got a chance to view exclusive footage from some of Burnette’s most beloved shows, and were treated to some special surprises that left the crowd roaring with laughter.

Burnette, who turned 90 last year, is a true icon of the comedy world, having made a name for herself with her unforgettable performances on TV and in film. She has won numerous awards over the course of her career, including multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, and has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the arts by numerous organizations.