Kano commercial tricycle rider who returned missing N15m to owner offered four women to marry

In a heartwarming display of appreciation and recognition for his honesty, the Kano Matchmaking Marriage Association, also known as Mai Dalilin Aure, has extended a generous gesture to Auwalu Salisu, a 22-year-old Keke rider. Auwalu Salisu had gained widespread praise after he found and returned a significant sum of money totaling N15 million, as well as some CFA currency, which a passenger had left in his tricycle and happened to be from the Republic of Chad.

Since his act of integrity, Auwalu Salisu has received accolades from government officials, various groups, and individuals, along with several gifts, including a new tricycle. The Kano Matchmaking Marriage Association took it a step further by offering him the prospect of marrying four women, selected from a pool of ten potential candidates.

Alhaji Mukhtar Inuwa Yakasai, the Chairman of the association, shared their rationale, expressing that Auwalu Salisu’s unwavering integrity and trustworthiness aligned with the ideals upheld by their community. He emphasized that the young man had embodied the honorable character of the Noble Prophet, Muhammad (SAW), making him a deserving recipient of such an honor. Among the ten women provided for selection, two were daughters of Alhaji Mukhtar Inuwa Yakasai, the Chairman of the association, further emphasizing the significance and sincerity of their offer.

This gesture reflects a deep-rooted appreciation for honesty and moral values within the community, and an acknowledgment of individuals who display exceptional character, reminding everyone of the importance of trust and integrity in society.