Kenya’s First Lady Calls for Prayers to Combat Homosexuality

Kenya’s First Lady, Rachel Ruto, has stirred controversy with her recent declaration of national prayers against homosexuality in the country. According to Ruto, the practice is a threat to the institution of the family and goes against the Bible and African culture.

During a church service in Meru county, Ruto emphasized the need to uphold family values and strengthen the family institution, where a father, mother, and children form the core unit. She cited the biblical prohibition against homosexuality and African cultural norms as grounds for rejecting same-sex relationships.

In addition to her call for prayers against homosexuality, Ruto has also established a Faith Diplomacy Office, which aims to promote a praying culture throughout the country. The office is expected to spread prayers to different parts of Kenya and protect family values through its programs.

Ruto has expressed her concern about the threats facing the family institution, calling on Kenyans to focus more on family matters amidst the ongoing debate on LGBT rights and acceptance in the country.

The debate on LGBT issues in Kenya has been a contentious topic, with opposing views from supporters and opponents. While some have argued for the rights of the LGBT community to be recognized and respected, others have taken a more conservative stance, citing cultural and religious beliefs.

Regardless of the differing opinions on the matter, the declaration by the First Lady for national prayers against homosexuality has drawn mixed reactions from various quarters. While some have expressed support for her stance, others have criticized her for promoting discrimination and stigmatization against the LGBT community.

It remains to be seen how Ruto’s call for prayers will impact the ongoing debate on LGBT rights in Kenya and whether it will bring about the desired change in the attitudes and beliefs of the people towards same-sex relationships.