Lagos Shuts Down Alaba International Market

Under the directive of the Honourable Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Tokunbo Wahab, Alaba International Market in Ojo has been temporarily sealed due to a range of issues related to poor waste disposal practices, non-payment of waste bills, and significant violations of environmental sanitation regulations.

The decision to seal the market is a response to the persistent and unacceptable environmental infractions observed within the market premises. These infractions include improper waste disposal practices, which have resulted in the accumulation of waste in and around the market, contributing to unsanitary conditions.

Furthermore, the failure to pay waste bills implies that the market has not been fulfilling its financial obligations in managing waste disposal and maintaining environmental cleanliness. This failure to pay waste bills not only impacts the revenue streams for environmental services but also reflects a lack of corporate responsibility.

The gross environmental sanitation offenses in the market compound the issues, potentially posing health risks to traders, customers, and the public in general. Proper environmental sanitation is crucial for public health and well-being, and its enforcement is essential to maintaining a clean and safe environment.

The temporary closure of Alaba International Market serves as a stern measure to address these issues and ensure that the market complies with environmental regulations, adopts proper waste management practices, and fulfills its financial obligations to support the maintenance of environmental cleanliness. This action underscores the importance of adherence to environmental regulations and the commitment to creating a safe and hygienic environment for all stakeholders.