Larsa Pippen Claims She Had S33x 4 Times a Night Every Day for 23 Years While Married to Scottie Pippen

One of the most talked-about stories in recent times in the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been the highly publicized relationship between Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan. This comes after the end of Larsa’s long-standing marriage to former NBA star, Scottie Pippen, whom she was married to for 23 years before their divorce in 2021.

The controversy surrounding the Larsa Pippen-Marcus Jordan relationship has only intensified following recent revelations from Larsa herself. During an appearance on a popular talk show, Larsa made some eyebrow-raising claims about her sex life with Scottie. She boldly stated that they had sex four times every night for 23 years without taking a day off, adding that they never spent time away from each other and had access to a private plane.

The claim was met with both incredulity and fascination, with many NBA fans taking to social media to express their disbelief. Given the hectic schedule of NBA players, the claim seems almost impossible to believe, but the intensity of the statement has only added fuel to the already burning fire of speculation surrounding the Larsa Pippen-Marcus Jordan relationship.

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Indeed, the relationship between Larsa and Marcus has caused quite a stir within the basketball world. The fact that Marcus is the son of Michael Jordan, one of Scottie’s former teammates and colleagues, has only added to the intrigue surrounding the situation. It remains unclear what Scottie thinks of the whole affair, but it is safe to assume that things between him and Larsa are not great.

Despite the controversy and media attention, Larsa seems to be quite happy with her new beau. While she and Marcus had initially kept their relationship under wraps, they have since been spotted openly hanging out on the beach. Larsa recently revealed how things turned romantic between her and Marcus, citing jealousy as the catalyst.

Despite the fascinating and, at times, eyebrow-raising details of her personal life, Larsa Pippen continues to lead an interesting and intriguing life. The sheer number of things she says and does is enough to keep anyone on their toes. As for the impact of her recent revelations on her relationship with Scottie, only time will tell.