LASU’s Bread and Butter Controversy: Outrage as University Opens Bakery to Boost IGR, While Ignoring Research and Grants

Lagos State University (LASU) has caused a stir on social media as Nigerians took to Twitter to react to the news that the university had opened a bakery to boost its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). The move was met with mixed reactions, with some applauding the initiative while others criticized it as misplaced priorities.

According to LASU’s official Twitter handle, the university’s Vice Chancellor was hailed for the initiative, which will see LASU bread being the only bread sold on campus. The move is seen as a way to increase the university’s revenue stream, which has been hit by a decrease in funding from the state government.

However, many Nigerians took issue with the move, arguing that the university’s focus should be on improving academic standards and research rather than on commercial ventures. Some social media users pointed out that LASU, like many universities in Nigeria, is plagued by inadequate funding, poor infrastructure, and a lack of research funding.

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The controversy highlights a wider issue in the Nigerian education system, where universities are often forced to rely on alternative revenue streams to make up for shortfalls in government funding. While some argue that this approach can lead to much-needed investment in facilities and services, others argue that it comes at the expense of academic excellence and research.

As LASU’s bakery initiative continues to generate debate, it remains to be seen whether the move will have a positive impact on the university’s finances or whether it will further erode the institution’s academic reputation.