Leaked photos reveal Bud Light executive, who aimed to revamp company culture, embracing the same ‘fratty’ party scene.

Leaked photos have surfaced of a Bud Light executive, Alissa Heinerscheid, enjoying what appears to be a “fratty” party scene while she was a student at Harvard University. The images, which were obtained by The Daily Caller, show Heinerscheid and her college friends participating in a campus scavenger hunt, blowing up condoms like balloons, and drinking beer during a 2006 event described as a “boozefest.”

Heinerscheid, who is Budweiser’s vice president of marketing, has been vocal about the need for the beer company to update its image and move away from its “fratty” and “out-of-touch” reputation. However, the photos on her now-deleted Facebook page seem to contradict her public stance.

The images were part of an album titled “Isis Senior Reverse Initiation Scavenger Hunt,” which was hosted by Harvard’s ISIS Club. The club was founded to provide a “safe social space for women” to gather on campus, but was criticized by the Harvard Crimson student newspaper in 2005 as a “haven of inebriated ditzes” who participated in “boozefests.”

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Heinerscheid and her friends can be seen holding a talk about “the exploration of the scrotum professors” in the photo album. The images have caused many on social media to accuse Heinerscheid of being hypocritical for taking part in the same “fratty” culture she is trying to distance Bud Light from.

The controversy comes at a time when many companies are reevaluating their corporate cultures and working to create more inclusive and diverse environments. Bud Light has faced criticism in the past for its advertising campaigns, which some have argued promote sexist and objectifying attitudes towards women. The leaked photos of Heinerscheid are likely to add to the scrutiny and pressure on the company to address these issues.