Documenting my life in a week / life is like a cucumber is a 1st time experience for me. Although I have seen a great deal of week in my life vlogs all over the net, I still don’t see myself moving towards the direction of vlogging mine. This time around, I gradually see a nice unfolding of thought in my head that says, “well, why don’t you make an attempt of documenting your daily life?  Maybe you’ll understand who you truly are, what is there to lose?”. Thanks to Ihuoma Eze, who inspires me so much I get to experience a different thing. Come with me to my amazing journey towards the end of the week.


If this were a normal day that possesses the absence of covid-19, Asuu strike, then I would consider Monday as the worst day. If you’re a student, you’ll get my point. Most of us are stuck inside our own houses, a thing or two to do is a must to keep you sane may be cleaning the house, cooking something just something to keep one busy. Monday for me is a day of work. I go to work every morning by 8:30 am, and going back home in the evening by 5pm.


This is a usual day. Going to work again by 8;30 am. Getting to the office to do one or two office work and maybe take some online classes at work. Going out again to meet some clients, so upon checking my schedule, I discovered that there is someone whom I have not met! What a day! In the evening I will be going back home again tired.


This day is my most packed day, due to the fact that I have meetings at the office starting by 9am with just 5 minutes break in between! I would have to leave for work early enough even if waking up so early to get ready is really tiring, I still want to be punctual because even though is simple, I don’t want to miss any aspect of the meeting.

Surprisingly, something unexpected happened today. My friend from junior secondary school came by and told me that she had just signed out (graduated) from the university. I said wow, she told me she needs me to be at the sign out party the next day (Thursday) so I can have a nice time with her to gist and laugh.


Today, as usual, I will go to the office, Afterwards, I will be waiting for my friend’s go signal so that I can start coming to the party location. This is what I like about our friendship, it’s like we’re both sisters but just from different parents. I won’t be inserting our picture because she likes to remain anonymous. A sense of family and friends is a really important factor in somebody’s life. Although some people may disagree with me, it really is a good thing to have a circle of friends that you really trust.

By now, I have started to see the sense of this activity. There are things that a person unconsciously neglects usually because it doesn’t have a big impact or it’s mundane. I will continually reflect on this throughout the week.


Again, I went to work (I hope that whoever reads this doesn’t get tire of the fact that I’m just a humble workaholic girl). Got to work and meet some clients, I signed some deals for my office I also stumbled on some articles regarding the problems in Nigeria, one of which is the bandit and heardsmen that is continuously wreaking havoc in the country. I think that even the most peaceful country in the world is still experiencing a pint of corruption.

What I observed to this is that most of the Nigerian people still are ignorant. To the fact that their vote in the elections matter significantly. Ignorant? Yes, maybe because of lack of education. I just wish that this upcoming election with the help of social media and trustworthy media providers. Nigeria will see the true nature of corrupt individuals who will run in the upcoming election.




I wanted this day to be my day of relaxation. I just wanted to drink and chill and maybe listen to some great music. But oh well, I have to do this. Just kidding, I know that I have to do house chores, especially my laundry. So today I went to Nadrem and I bought toiletries (soap, toilet paper, toothpaste) and some snacks just beside nadrem. This day I got to browse on an article for selfcare and relaxation. Despite the stress we as humans go through in our daily life. I still feel that there is a need for apt special care and relaxation maybe with family or friends.


I guess I got my rest day today (Sunday). I watched big brother naija (bbn tv show) i did my house chores. In the morning. In the afternoon, I took some time around (30 min- 1 hour) to reflect on my work. One thing I realized is that There seems to be a repeated pattern in my work. The whole week, I was mostly at work.

Stating also what I learned from selfcare and relaxation article, it helps in making one feel relaxed and chilled in such a way that a human being begins to appreciate them selfs more for who they are and also for where they are in life. Evening again I go for 6pm mass, get back its late and bed time. Thanks for reading my article LIFE IS LIKE A CUCUMBER / MY LIFE IN A WEEK

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