Matthew McConaughey’s son Levi revealed his ‘souvenir’ surf injuries.

According to, Levi McConaughey, the 12-year-old son of Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, recently revealed his “souvenir” surf injuries on social media. Levi, who is an avid surfer like his father, shared a series of photos on Instagram that showed off his battle scars from surfing.

The proud son of a surfing legend, Levi is following in his father’s footsteps and becoming quite the accomplished surfer himself. His love of surfing is no surprise, as his father is also a passionate surfer who frequently hits the waves in his free time. Matthew McConaughey has spoken about his love of surfing in interviews and even wrote a book called “Greenlights” that includes a chapter about the sport.

The photos Levi shared on Instagram depict the scrapes, cuts, and bruises he received while surfing. Despite the injuries, Levi appeared to be in good spirits and proud of his “souvenirs” from surfing. In fact, he even captioned one of the photos, “If you’re not falling, you’re not learning.”

Surfing is a popular and exhilarating sport, but it can also be dangerous. The sport involves riding waves on a surfboard and requires a great deal of skill, balance, and timing. It’s not uncommon for surfers to suffer injuries like those Levi displayed on his Instagram account, especially when tackling more challenging waves.

The McConaughey family is known for their adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors, and Levi’s surf injuries are just the latest example of their passion for living life to the fullest. The McConaughey family often takes part in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing, and they encourage their children to embrace new challenges and experiences.