Matthew McConaughey’s wife recounts terror on turbulent Lufthansa flight injuring 7

Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves McConaughey recently revealed that she was on board Lufthansa Flight 469, which was flying from Austin, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany when it was forced to divert to Washington, D.C., after experiencing severe turbulence that injured seven passengers. The 40-year-old Brazilian model shared a brief video on her Instagram account on Thursday afternoon, showing the aftermath of the turbulence, with food and other items strewn about the aisle.

Alves McConaughey described the flight as “chaos” after the turbulence hit and thanked those who helped her. She said, “On Flight last night, the plane dropped almost 4,000 feet, and 7 people went to the hospital. Everything was flying everywhere. To respect the privacy of those around me, that’s all I am showing, but the plane was chaos, and the turbulence kept on coming.”

The flight was diverted to Dulles Airport outside of Washington D.C., with Alves McConaughey expressing her gratitude to the staff at the Marriott Bonvoy near the airport. “I must say everyone at Marriott Bonvoy by the airport of Washington, where we had to divert to and spend the night, was so kind!” she said. “And we made it to the bar with 1 minute before closing…slept well, getting on new flight today, To the journey I continue… Karin Lacy was a savior with me until 1 am working on new flights!!!”

Alves McConaughey also took to her Instagram story, sharing a headline from an NBC News story about the flight she was on. She shared a new video on Thursday from her new flight to Frankfurt, giving her 1 million fans and followers a quick update. “Just my luck, after last night. Just got on the rescheduled flight, and the pilot’s saying we have 45 minutes of turbulence, getting out of Washington,” she revealed. “Just my luck. Wish me luck,” Alves McConaughey concluded.

Her husband, Matthew McConaughey, who she married in 2012, made headlines last week when she shared a snap of him cutting their 10-year-old son Livingston’s hair. Their oldest son, 14-year-old Levi, was also there looking on along with the family dog in the snap, which got nearly 70K likes.

The scary flight incident came just months after Alves McConaughey suffered a neck injury after falling down a flight of stairs. In a post on her Instagram account, she warned others to be careful when walking downstairs with long dresses or loose pants.

Earlier on Thursday, one of the other passengers aboard Lufthansa Flight 469 – Susan Zimmerman – opened up about her experiences on Good Morning America. She said, “I don’t think any of the people on board – the cabin crew – I don’t think any of them have experienced anything like this. This was shocking. It was kind of like you’re in slow motion. You just see everything – like in a movie where you see everything lift and all of a sudden it just comes right back down.”

Zimmerman added that the 4,000-foot drop “felt like five seconds of falling, and then there was shaking.” Many of the passengers weren’t wearing their seat belts at the time of the unexpected turbulence, since the seat belt sign was not on.

ABC News Aviation contributor John Nance added, “This is the very reason that pilots warn you from the cockpit to keep your seat belts fastened because if you hit something like this and you’re not strapped in, you could go flying.” The flight landed at Washington-Dulles International Airport around 9 pm, just three hours into the