Michael Jordan makes record-breaking $10 million donation to children foundation for 60th birthday

Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, has made a generous $10 million donation to a children’s foundation as part of his 60th birthday celebrations. The record-breaking donation will be used to support the Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Clinics, which provide affordable health care to underprivileged children and families in North Carolina.

This latest donation is just one of many contributions that Jordan has made to charitable causes over the years. He is well-known for his philanthropic work, having previously donated millions to organizations that support education, healthcare, and social justice causes. In fact, Jordan is reported to have donated over $100 million to various causes throughout his career.

The Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Clinics were established in 2019, with the goal of providing accessible healthcare to those who may not have had access to it otherwise. The clinics offer a range of medical services, including behavioral health, dental care, and sports physicals, to families in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Jordan’s donation will go a long way in supporting the clinics and helping them to continue their important work. In a statement, Jordan expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to give back to his community, saying, “I am proud to be a part of a team that is committed to providing access to affordable, high-quality care for the people of Charlotte.”

The Michael Jordan Family Clinics have already made a significant impact in the community, with over 4,500 children receiving care in the first year of operation. With Jordan’s generous donation, the clinics will be able to expand their services and reach even more families in need.

Jordan’s philanthropy has long been an important part of his legacy, and this latest donation only serves to reinforce his commitment to giving back. As he celebrates his 60th birthday, Jordan has once again demonstrated that his generosity knows no bounds, and that he will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.