“Mikaela Shiffrin Loses Combined Gold with Shocking Late Mistake at Alpine World Ski Championships”

At the Alpine World Ski Championships, Mikaela Shiffrin had a chance to win the women’s combined competition but suffered a setback in the slalom, her strongest event. Despite making progress and closing the gap on Federica Brignone’s lead from the super-G, she was just 0.08 seconds away from first place as she reached the end of the race with speed. Sadly, with only a few gates to go and the opportunity to secure her seventh world championship title, Shiffrin stumbled, rose onto one ski, collided with a gate, and veered away from the crucial final turns, ultimately missing out on the gold medal.

Disaster Strikes for Shiffrin with Only Three Gates Left,” said Nick Fellows in the Eurosport commentary. “This is a crushing moment for her.” Brignone, who was leading the race at the time, was also shocked and raised her arms in disbelief. “Shiffrin and everyone else are in disbelief. She had done all the work and was so close to the gold,” continued Fellows. “The gold medal was just three turns away and she missed it!”