Mikaela Testa, OnlyFans model deported from the U.S., alleges being subjected to a strip search while detained

Mikaela Testa, a popular OnlyFans personality, recently shared a harrowing experience she endured while traveling to the United States. The 21-year-old from Perth embarked on a 20-hour long journey to Los Angeles, hoping to enjoy a memorable vacation in the land of opportunities. However, her dreams of having a good time in the US were shattered when she was detained upon arrival.

Testa narrated that the moment she presented her passport to the officials at the airport, she was immediately flagged for some unknown reason. To her shock, she was taken into custody and locked up in a cell for 30 hours, which proved to be a highly distressing experience for her. It is unclear at this point what led to her being flagged and detained, as Testa has not provided any further details.

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Being locked up in a cell for 30 hours can be an incredibly traumatic experience, and Testa is no exception. The young woman expressed her shock and confusion about the situation and her frustration at being kept in the dark about why she was being held. It is understandable that being in a foreign country, detained, and not being aware of the reason can create a sense of helplessness and anxiety.

After the 30-hour ordeal, Testa was eventually deported from the US, and she has not disclosed whether she plans to attempt to travel there again. The entire incident must have been a distressing experience for Testa, who has a massive following on her social media platforms, especially her OnlyFans page. While it is unclear what led to her detention and subsequent deportation, it is crucial to ensure that travelers’ rights are protected when they enter foreign countries.