Military seizes power in Gabon

A group of high-ranking Gabonese military officials has taken control of the nation through a televised announcement, citing concerns about the credibility of the recent general election. The officers declared that they represent the unified security and defense forces of Gabon and stated that they are taking over due to their belief that the recent election lacked credibility. They further proclaimed that the election results have been nullified, borders are shut, and state institutions have been dissolved.

The declaration was followed by the sound of gunfire being reported in the capital city, Libreville, adding a sense of urgency and tension to the situation. As of now, there has been no immediate response or statement from the government in reaction to this development.

During their televised announcement, the military officers emphasized that their actions were being carried out in the interest of maintaining peace and stability within Gabon. They asserted that their goal was to end the current regime, suggesting a significant break from the existing political leadership.

The recent presidential election had declared Ali Bongo, the incumbent president, as the winner of a third term with 64.27% of the vote. However, the opposition had raised concerns about the validity of the election due to a series of delays and issues, alleging that the process was fraudulent. The military’s intervention comes as a dramatic response to these allegations and reveals a deep division within the country’s leadership and power structures.

This sudden and unexpected turn of events underscores the complex political landscape in Gabon and the tensions that can arise when democratic processes are called into question. As the situation continues to unfold, the world watches with a keen eye to see how events will shape the nation’s future and its governance.