Mining tycoon shares his strategy for turning around struggling state-owned enterprises: Dr Patrice Motsepe

Dr. Patrice Motsepe, one of South Africa’s most successful businessmen and founder of African Rainbow Minerals, has recently shared his bold plan to rescue two of the country’s largest and most critical state-owned enterprises (SOEs), Eskom and Transnet. Both companies have been mired in financial and operational troubles, posing a significant risk to the country’s energy and transportation systems.

Motsepe’s plan consists of three key steps, the first of which is to prioritize excellence in leadership. In particular, he calls for the recruitment of only the best and brightest individuals in the industry to head up these SOEs. He argues that mediocrity in leadership has been a major factor in the companies’ downward spiral and that hiring top talent is non-negotiable for any meaningful turnaround.

The second step in Motsepe’s plan involves adopting a rigorous and innovative approach to operations and management. He believes that there is significant room for improvement in how these companies are run, and that a fresh perspective is needed to identify and implement more efficient and effective practices.

Finally, Motsepe stresses the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in order to support the growth and development of these critical SOEs. He believes that partnerships between government, industry experts, and investors can help unlock the full potential of these companies and drive positive change for the broader economy.

Motsepe’s plan comes at a critical time for South Africa, which is facing significant economic and social challenges. Eskom and Transnet are key players in the country’s energy and transportation systems, and their troubles have ripple effects throughout the economy. By outlining a clear and comprehensive strategy for turning these companies around, Motsepe hopes to help stabilize and strengthen the broader South African business environment.