Mphoabadimo speaks out on death threats following rumors about past relationship

It’s been a trying time for me due to the ongoing stories about my past relationship. Unfortunately, it has started to affect my personal life in every aspect, making it a nightmare for me and those close to me. I have been receiving death threats in various forms, ranging from calls to text messages, all threatening my life and the life of my son. The direct and hostile nature of these threats has created a very unsafe and fearful environment for me.

To make matters worse, I have also been receiving pictures of my car, home, and son with threatening messages attached. These messages and calls are even coming from people who are close to the person I was once in a relationship with. This situation has left me feeling extremely vulnerable and anxious, as I fear for the safety of myself and my loved ones.

In light of these events, I have been in talks with my lawyer to seek further advice and guidance. Until this matter has been legally resolved, I will not be doing any media interviews about my past relationship. I am trying my hardest to move away from this chapter in my life, but the defamation that has come with it has been incredibly unpleasant and unwarranted.

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I have no interest whatsoever in the life of my ex-partner, nor do I have any desire to know what he’s doing now. Our relationship ended a long time ago, and we haven’t been in contact in a while. Despite this, the constant posting of my images on his social media pages and the discussion of our past relationship in interviews is a gross misrepresentation of reality and the truth.

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I implore everyone involved to move forward with respect and consideration and allow me to detach myself from this situation with grace. Any further attempts to threaten or harass me will be addressed by my lawyer. My safety and the safety of my family must come first, and I refuse to let this situation continue to cause fear and distress in my life.