Naira Marley’s Instagram followers drop further as over 600K accounts unfollow him in one week

In the wake of the tragic passing of Mohbad, a former signee of Naira Marley, a significant number of Instagram users have taken the step to unfollow Naira Marley on the platform. The unfollowing spree gained momentum as accusations of bullying and assaulting the late singer were directed towards Naira Marley.

This surge of outrage and criticism has resulted in a substantial decline in Naira Marley’s Instagram followers. Initially boasting 7.4 million followers, this number has dwindled to 6.8 million at the time of this report, indicating a staggering loss of approximately 600,000 followers.

The unfollowing trend speaks to the public’s response to the allegations against Naira Marley and their collective stand against any form of bullying and mistreatment, especially in the entertainment industry where such behavior can have profound and lasting effects on artists and their careers.