Naira scarcity: I ‘bought’ N40,000 with N70,000 today – Singer Paul Okoye laments

Singer Paul Okoye has expressed his frustration over the shortage of Naira notes in circulation, revealing that he had to spend N70,000 to buy N40,000 worth of goods.

In a post on his Instagram page, the musician lamented the difficulties faced by Nigerians due to the scarcity of the local currency, which has made it hard for people to carry out their daily transactions.

Okoye’s post read: “Dear Central Bank of Nigeria, I and many other Nigerians have been experiencing serious hardship due to the scarcity of Naira notes in circulation. Today, I had to ‘buy’ N40,000 with N70,000. Please, can you look into this issue and help to resolve it? Thank you.”

The post has since generated several comments from his fans and followers, with many sharing their own experiences of the same issue.

The scarcity of Naira notes in circulation has been a recurring problem in Nigeria, with many businesses and individuals finding it difficult to access cash for their transactions. The Central Bank of Nigeria has implemented various policies and measures to address the issue, but it appears that the problem still persists.