NBA conference: Lawyers engage in a fight on a football pitch in Abuja during a novelty match (video)

A group of lawyers, gathered in Abuja for the NBA Conference, found themselves involved in an unexpected altercation during a novelty football match on a local pitch. The match was initially intended as a recreational event for these legal professionals, but unfortunately, a dispute arose that escalated into a physical confrontation.

As tempers flared on the football field, some of the lawyers began exchanging blows and even resorted to throwing kicks at one another. This unexpected turn of events in what was supposed to be a friendly gathering highlights the intensity of the disagreement that unfolded.

It serves as a reminder that even professionals in a disciplined field like law can find themselves in situations where emotions run high, resulting in unexpected confrontations. In such situations, it is essential to find peaceful and constructive ways to resolve disputes and disagreements, keeping in mind the importance of maintaining professionalism and composure even in heated moments.