Nigerians in Israel are safe, we’re not fighting Muslims but terrorists – Israeli envoy

Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, conveyed strong assurances regarding the safety of not only Israelis but also Nigerians and citizens of other countries in Israel amidst the ongoing offensive against Hamas, the militant group responsible for a recent attack on October 7th. Speaking at a press conference held on October 10th, Freeman emphasized that the Israeli military operations are specifically targeted at Hamas, underlining that the conflict is not against the Palestinian people, Muslims, or Arabs at large.

In his address, Freeman characterized Hamas as a dangerous terrorist organization with a clear agenda to eradicate Israelis. He remained resolute in asserting that their malevolent aims would ultimately be thwarted by the collective determination and resilience of the Israeli populace and its security forces. Freeman highlighted the gravity of past attacks, shedding light on a distressing fact—nearly a thousand Israelis were tragically killed in a single day during a previous assault, marking one of the highest numbers of Jewish casualties in a single day since the Holocaust.

Further extending his remarks, the ambassador emphasized that the conflict transcends national boundaries, as Hamas’s attacks have indiscriminately targeted both Israelis and individuals from various countries. The toll of their actions is not limited to one ethnicity or nationality. Freeman condemned Hamas for their brutal and indiscriminate tactics, including the use of civilians, children, and even hospitals for their nefarious operations.

Amidst the tragic situation, the paramount objective remains to ensure the safety and security of everyone within the region. The ambassador reiterated that their focus is on neutralizing the threat posed by Hamas and ensuring that innocent lives are protected. The commitment to safeguarding the lives of people, regardless of their origin, is a fundamental principle guiding the Israeli efforts in this conflict.