Panic As Rogue Killer Soldiers Spread Deaths On Lagos Roads

The killing of Adeniyi Sanni, an aide to Senator Solomon Adeola of Ogun West, has raised significant concerns about the involvement of soldiers in illegal activities, turning their weapons against innocent citizens. This issue comes on the heels of other extrajudicial killings, including that of lawyer Bolanle Raheem allegedly by a policeman named Drambi Vandi. This recent trend points to a disturbing pattern wherein extrajudicial killings have shifted from being solely associated with the police to now include suspected soldiers.

The prevalence of extrajudicial killings within the armed forces, as some analysts previously suggested post-EndSARS (a movement against police brutality), now seems to be validated by these incidents involving alleged military personnel. Even in Lagos, a state that was a focal point of mass protests against police brutality in 2020, it has now become a hotbed for alleged extrajudicial killings by soldiers.

The unresolved case of the alleged killing of protesters in Lekki by soldiers during the EndSARS protests continues to cast a shadow over the current situation. In this climate of uncertainty, the murder of Senator Adeola’s aide, Adeniyi Sanni, allegedly by soldiers, has sparked outrage, leading to demands for justice.

The circumstances surrounding Sanni’s death reveal a concerning pattern. He was reportedly stopped at a checkpoint in Ojodu, Lagos, where security agents asked for documents for the car he was driving. Later, it was discovered that his body had been dumped with gunshot wounds around Toyota Bus Stop in Oshodi, Lagos. Senator Adeola has accused a syndicate of soldiers operating under the command of Brigadier General Nsikan Edet of being responsible for these alleged killings.

In a similar incident, a driver named Lawal was reportedly killed by suspected soldiers while delivering a vehicle in Abuja. These alleged soldiers deceived him, claiming they were taking him to their barracks, but instead, they took him to a location in Lagos where he was shot and his body was disposed of.

The Nigerian Army has responded to these allegations by stating that they are investigating the matter. They have pledged to uncover the identity of the alleged suspects and, if found guilty, ensure they face the consequences under both military and civil laws.

This unsettling pattern has left many questioning the motives behind these killings. The victims seem to be targeted while driving new vehicles, raising suspicions about whether there is a connection between the killings and the theft of these vehicles.

Lagos State has reacted to the rising spate of killings by urging Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to convene a security council meeting to address the issue. The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, has expressed concern over the recurring nature of these killings, suggesting that urgent action is required.

Human rights organizations have also condemned these incidents, placing responsibility on the government for not implementing effective security measures. There are calls for residents to promptly alert security agencies to such incidents and for the military to be held accountable for their actions.

the recent killings allegedly involving soldiers have ignited concerns about extrajudicial killings within the Nigerian armed forces. The recurrence of such incidents and the apparent targeting of victims driving new vehicles have prompted demands for a comprehensive investigation, accountability, and heightened security measures to prevent further loss of innocent lives.