Patna Junction Viral News: Railway Station Leaked Video And Twitter Update

A shocking incident that left passengers in utter disbelief has taken the internet by storm. Patna railway station’s platform number 10 played a por..nograp..hic clip on its LED screens for three straight minutes on Sunday, 19th March 2023, at around 9:30 am. The video went viral on social media platforms, causing Patna junction to become a trending topic online.

The incident has left hundreds of passengers at the platform red-faced and feeling incredibly awkward. Those waiting for their train to arrive had no idea what was going on when the clip started playing. The unexpected occurrence caught everyone by surprise, and several people were seen recording the video of the explicit content.

The video played for three long minutes, giving people ample time to record what happened. Several individuals shared the experience on social media, making it an instant topic of discussion. The videos and images of the incident went viral within hours of it happening, leaving people in disbelief.

It is appalling that such an explicit video was played in a public place, and that too, for three minutes straight. The incident has raised serious concerns about the safety and security of public places. It has left people wondering how such a thing could happen in a railway station that sees hundreds of passengers daily.

The railway authorities have promised to investigate the matter thoroughly and take strict action against those responsible. The incident has also sparked a debate on the need for better security measures and surveillance systems in public places.

the incident has caused a lot of embarrassment and discomfort to those present at the station, and it is hoped that such a situation will not arise again in the future.

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The Government Railway Police (GRP) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) acted quickly to stop the three-minute pornographic clip from playing on the platform number 10 LED screens. However, it is reported that the GRP delayed taking action against the offending company.

In response to the incident, a case has been filed against Dutta Communication and its unidentified operators and employees, in accordance with Section 145 of the Railway Act. The Railways have revoked the tender awarded to the company, and it has been blacklisted and fined.

The incident has raised serious concerns about the safety and security of public spaces, especially for vulnerable groups like children. The RPF has requested that Dutta Communication ceases displaying pornographic content on its advertising screens, as it is not only illegal but also inappropriate for public viewing.

Virendra Kumar, the head public relations officer of East Central Railway zone, stated that the incident was taken seriously, and the swift revocation of the operator’s tender demonstrates the Railway’s commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for its passengers.

It is essential that companies and individuals responsible for such obscene acts are held accountable for their actions, and appropriate measures are taken to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future. The incident at Patna railway station has highlighted the importance of maintaining the dignity and respect of public spaces and the need for stronger regulations to protect vulnerable groups.

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In a surprising turn of events, porn star Kendra Lust also tweeted about the incident a day after it happened. Her tweet simply read “India” along with the Indian flag, and she used the hashtag #BiharRailwayStation, clearly referring to the Patna railway station incident.

Kendra Lust’s tweet has received a lot of attention, garnering 1.9 million views, 3,222 retweets and 33K likes. One Twitter user even asked if the clip was hers, to which Kendra Lust replied with a cheeky “I hope, lol.”

While Kendra’s tweet has added a new dimension to the already sensational story, it has also reignited the debate on the role of explicit content on the internet and the effects it has on society. Some social media users have criticized Kendra’s tweet, stating that it is insensitive to the feelings of the people who were subjected to the incident. Others have pointed out that the incident highlights the need for stricter regulations and censorship of explicit content, especially in public places where children are present.