PC demand is back, says Acer CEO who sees robust growth in the ‘foreseeable future’

Acer, the Taiwan-based computer manufacturer, has reported a rebound in demand for personal computers, indicating a positive trend after hitting a low point earlier this year. According to Acer’s chairman and CEO, Jason Chen, the demand for personal computers reached its lowest point around May but has since been on the rise. In the third quarter, Acer witnessed year-on-year growth, with its notebook revenue increasing by 19.4% compared to the previous quarter, and desktop revenue growing by 27.8% during the same period.

Acer holds the fifth position in the global PC market, with a market share of 6.4%, according to Canalys. Leading the market are China’s Lenovo with 22.9%, followed by HP at 21.6%, Dell at 16.6%, and Apple at 11%.

Recent data from Canalys indicates that the global PC market experienced a slower decline in the second quarter, with a year-on-year decrease of 11.5% in total shipments of desktops and notebooks, amounting to 62.1 million units. This marks a notable improvement compared to the previous two quarters, during which shipments declined by over 30%. The rebound in PC demand could be attributed to various factors, including the continued need for remote work and learning solutions as well as the ongoing digital transformation.