PHOTOS : 38J Implant Bursts, Leaving Her with Uniboob, Finally Gets Breast Reduction

Mary Magdalene, a 30-year-old Mexican-born model, recently unveiled her breast reduction surgery results on Instagram. Mary had been addicted to plastic surgery, which had caused her a great deal of trouble in the past. In fact, she had previously undergone several procedures to enhance her physical appearance, including multiple butt lifts and illegal silicone injections. However, one of her 38J breast implants burst, causing her to have a “uniboob” and leading her to realize that it was time for a change.

After undergoing breast reduction surgery, Mary shared her new look with her 212,000 Instagram followers and expressed how happy she was with the results. She also mentioned that it was a scary change to go from having huge implants for so long to having smaller breasts, but she was thrilled that shopping was now more enjoyable, as she could fit into cute tops.

Despite her breast implants being removed, Mary still has her butt implants, which she has enhanced multiple times. She plans to downsize her buttocks in the future. Mary also intends to have her botched lip and cheek fillers dissolved to continue her journey back to natural beauty.

Mary’s dangerous addiction to plastic surgery had almost killed her and ruined her financially. She has undergone numerous procedures over the years, spending a considerable amount of money in the process. However, she now realizes the risks and consequences of such surgeries and has made a decision to tone things down.

In a recent hospital stay after her breast reduction surgery, Mary expressed her happiness with the results so far. She no longer has to deal with the weight of 38J breast implants and feels that clothes fit better. She also mentioned that people were no longer staring at her chest when she spoke to them, and that was a refreshing change.

Mary’s ultimate goal is to tone down her surgeries to the point that people will see her, not her surgeries, when they speak to her. She has learned the hard way that plastic surgery is not always the solution to feeling beautiful and happy. Her story serves as a cautionary tale to anyone considering undergoing plastic surgery without fully considering the risks and consequences.