(photos) Ugandan Businessman Marries Seven Wives Same Day

In a remarkable and unprecedented event in Uganda, businessman Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu recently celebrated his wedding by marrying seven wives on the same day. The grand wedding took place on Sunday, September 10, 2023, in Bugereka village, Mukono district, and left a lasting impression on all who witnessed this unique occasion.

The wedding festivities commenced early in the morning, with the brides being taken to local salons for styling, and then they were placed in specialized Super Custom vans, each bearing the name of one of the brides. The exchange of marital vows marked the official beginning of this extraordinary celebration.

Following the ceremony, Nsikonnene and his seven newlywed wives embarked on a grand procession, led by enthusiastic boda boda cyclists. They traveled through various towns, including Kalagi, Kasana, and Nakifuma, before arriving at their new home at 6 pm. This impressive procession was met with applause from onlookers who had gathered along the roadsides to witness the historic event.

The wedding ceremony itself began with a concert, and many spectators couldn’t believe their eyes, as such a spectacle had never been witnessed before in the region.

The seven wives are named Mariam, Madinah, Aisha, Zainabu, Fatuma, Rashida, and Musanyusa, with Musanyusa being Habib’s first wife, who has been with him for seven years. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Habib also presented brand new cars as gifts to each of his wives.

At the reception, the brides found their seats prepared, each labeled with their respective names. In a heartfelt speech at the reception, Nsikonnene commended his wives for their loyalty and emphasized that there was no jealousy among them.

“I introduced them separately and decided to wed them all at once to make one big happy family,” he proudly declared. He also hinted at the possibility of adding more wives in the future, emphasizing that he is still a young man with plans for expansion.

The groom’s father, Hajj Abdul Ssemakula, shared that polygamy has been a longstanding tradition in their family, and it appears that this tradition continues to thrive. He mentioned that his grandfather had six wives who lived in a single house separated by curtains, and even he himself has four wives who reside together in one household.

It is worth noting that Ssaalongo Nsikonenne Habib Ssezzigu’s wedding event has reportedly broken the record for marrying the most wives at once in Uganda, further cementing its place in history as a truly remarkable and extraordinary celebration of love and tradition.