PHOTOS & VIDEOS : northern lights were spotted in alaska today

Lucky stargazers in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere have had the opportunity to witness an incredible natural phenomenon this week: the northern lights. These mesmerizing displays of light have been captured on camera in various locations, including Alaska and northern parts of the United Kingdom.

The spike in auroras this week has been attributed to increased solar activity, with several solar flares and coronal mass ejections occurring on the Sun’s surface. As a result, the northern lights have correspondingly appeared throughout Arctic regions, as well as those at slightly lower latitudes.

A video captured near the city of Fairbanks in Alaska on Tuesday 14 February showcases just how colorful the auroras can be when viewed in the right place at the right time. Meanwhile, in northern parts of the UK, auroras have been spotted over the Shetland Isles, and the Met Office has suggested that the phenomenon may continue to light up the night skies on Friday and Saturday, even down to parts of northern England.

Unfortunately, weather conditions may not be ideal for viewing the auroras, as there is a lot of cloud in the forecast for both nights. However, Saturday night is expected to be slightly clearer in the north, which could provide better viewing conditions.

It is important to note that current solar activity is waning, according to the Met Office’s latest space weather forecasts, which means a drop in aurora activity is likely in the days beyond. Therefore, those who have been lucky enough to witness the northern lights this week have been treated to a truly special experience.