Places To Have Lunch In Abuja

i took my time to handpick the best places to have lunch in Abuja i hope you love it.

1. Zodara Bar & Resturant

chef babyna places to have lunch in abuja zodara bar

One of the liveliest and colourful places to have lunch in Abuja with two fine out lets across the city. Zodara bar & restaurant is your go to when in doubts. The quirky ambiance, polite service and greatt lunch will make up for your gloomy day. A solid spot for a perfectly delicious meal.

2. Muzi Chinese Resturant the best place to have lunch in abuja

This is an ethically made chinese resturant to have lunch in Abuja. They make their chinese foods in-house and the vibes here are lovely. The waiting aroma of the chinese lunch in the air is perfectly paired with a cute quaint in Abuja. Muzi Chinese Restaurant serves amazing hot lunch and delicious food in Abuja. Don’t Forget to try their chinese rice and shriimp asparagus as well.

3. Crush Cafe Abuja

A very lit and well clean shop that will drive away those monday blues. It is located in Wuse Abuja. Despite the cafe focused name, i promise they have amazing food. With a whopping 9 page food menu, you can’t go wrong. Order a charcoal latte for lunch and taste someting different. Definitely one of the places to have lunch in Abuja.

4. Acient Flavours Restaurant the best place to have lunch in abuja

Where do we begin? Artsy, colourful and straight out of a dream. Acient Flavours Restuarant is a gorgeous place for lunch for in Abuja that demands attention when it comes to food. They have options plenty. They also have varieties of oprtions when it comes to flavours.

5. Tapasonthegreen

one of the best place to have lunch in abuja

With a green fo farm approach, The Tapasonthegreen celebrates healthy living. It’s located conveniently at Central Business Area, The righteous art district in town. All lunch are prepared fresh and the produce is locally sourced with a seasonal menu. you can explore various options. Take nice pictures in their serene environment and enjoy fresh nature cooked meals.

6. Vanilla Restaurant

If you are looking for something a little rustic yet lovely. This is it, Tucked away in maitama, this place is a reminder of the old Abuja with its glorious heritage. With an old school vibe. They serve amazing lunch. my favourite is their jollof rice. They also have an amazing cocktail which you need to taste.

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