Pop superstar Justin Bieber cancels his world tour due to health issues

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has announced the cancellation of the remaining shows of his highly anticipated Justice World Tour due to his ongoing battle with health issues. The 29-year-old singer has had to postpone the tour several times, citing a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS), which causes facial paralysis.

Bieber had initially postponed the tour last summer after being diagnosed with RHS, a rare neurological condition that affects the facial muscles and nerves. In September 2022, he revealed that he wanted to prioritize his health and well-being, and hinted at the possibility of canceling the tour.

The cancellation affects all of Bieber’s upcoming concerts in the US, Ireland, France, Poland, Australia, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Bangkok, Thailand, according to ticket company Ticketmaster and event organizer Live Nation Tero. The singer has yet to provide an official explanation for the cancellation.

In response to the announcement, Ticketmaster has promised full refunds to all ticket holders. Fans who were due to attend Bieber’s concerts in London received an email from events company AXS on Tuesday, apologizing for the inconvenience and offering refunds.

This latest setback is a significant blow to Bieber, who had been looking forward to the Justice World Tour, his first in over three years. The tour was set to promote his sixth studio album, “Justice,” which was released in March 2021.

Despite the disappointment of the cancellation, Bieber’s fans have rallied around the star, sending messages of support and wishing him a speedy recovery. Bieber himself has not commented on the situation, but his team has assured fans that he is receiving the medical care he needs and is focused on getting better.