President Biden’s German Shepherd bites another Secret Service agent

President Biden’s German shepherd named Commander has once again been involved in a biting incident, this time involving a Secret Service staff member. The incident occurred on Monday night, as confirmed by the Secret Service in a statement released on Tuesday, September 26. The officer who was bitten received treatment following the incident.

This marks the 11th instance where Commander has bitten a guard at the White House or at the Biden family home. The White House press secretary has previously attributed these incidents to the stress associated with living in the White House.

Notably, Major, the other Biden family dog, has also been involved in multiple biting incidents with Secret Service agents. Major has since been relocated from the White House and now resides with Biden family friends.

Commander, who arrived at the White House as a puppy in 2021, was a gift from President Biden’s brother, James. Alongside the two dogs, the First Family also has a cat named Willow.

These repeated biting incidents have raised concerns about the safety and handling of the President’s pets within the White House premises. The matter continues to be a topic of discussion, prompting considerations about the appropriate environment and measures necessary to ensure the well-being of both the pets and those around them.