Primeboy k!lled Mohbad. He was jealous and wanted what Mohbad had – Singer HK Plutorious alleges

In a recent development, emerging artist HK PLutorious has taken to his Instastories to make sensational allegations against Owodunni Ibrahim Oluwatosin, known as Primeboy, who is a childhood friend of the popular singer Mohbad.

On the morning of October 6, HK PLutorious posted a series of claims, suggesting that Primeboy was responsible for the demise of Mohbad. The allegations implied that Primeboy, also a singer, harbored jealousy towards Mohbad and coveted what he had achieved. Additionally, HK PLutorious suggested that Mohbad’s wife, Winmi, was aware of Primeboy’s envy and urged the police to bring her in for questioning.

It’s important to note that on October 5, Primeboy turned himself in to the police after being declared wanted on October 4. However, Primeboy contested the declaration, stating that he was never formally invited for questioning by the police and was taken aback when he saw the news circulating on social media.

The unfolding situation raises numerous questions and concerns within the music community and beyond. It underscores the necessity for thorough investigations and the importance of handling such sensitive matters with care and precision. As this story continues to evolve, it is crucial to await official updates and verified information to form a comprehensive understanding of the situation.