R@pist ‘cuts off his ex-wife’s nose and ears and forces her 10-year-old son to watch the torture’

According to reports, a convicted racist amputated his ex-wife’s nose and ears while forcing her scared ten-year-old kid to witness the heinous, hour-long attack.

In order to observe the vicious knife assault at their Kyrgyzstan house, the guy, known as Azamat Estebesov, 39, tormented his ex-wife Asel Nogoibaeva, 36, “for hours” in front of his kid.

Estebesov, who had previously been found guilty of raping Asel, is said to have attacked her after hearing that she had cheated on him. The mother of two claims that the rapist attacked her as she drove her son to school outside of the capital, Bishkek, knocking her unconscious in the process. After that, he returned the mother and child to their apartment.

As soon as they entered, Estebesov began the horrible, hour-long attack, severing Asel’s nose and ears while she screamed in agony and their child hid behind the covers.

Don’t cry, or I’ll become angry, a man’s voice was heard shouting, according to a neighbor who awoke in the middle of the night.
The neighbor declared, “I called the police right away.” He fled from the kitchen as the door opened and attacked the cops [before being taken into custody]. The apartment was covered with blood.