S3x slave who was locked in dungeon for 14 years escapes from abusive Russian ‘maniac’

horrifying case that has gripped the nation, a 51-year-old Russian man named Vladimir Cheskidov has been arrested for the heinous crime of kidnapping a woman and holding her captive as his sex slave for a shocking period of 14 years. The victim, identified only by her first name, Ekaterina, endured unspeakable atrocities at the hands of her captor, Vladimir Cheskidov.

According to reports, Cheskidov is accused of subjecting Ekaterina to over 1,000 instances of rape and brutal beatings during her harrowing captivity. She finally managed to escape from his clutches on Monday, July 31, from his home located in the village of Smoleno, nestled in the Ural Mountains.

In a dramatic custody hearing that followed his arrest, Cheskidov broke down in tears and shockingly claimed that he and Ekaterina shared a “mutual love” for each other. However, the gruesome details of the case painted a very different picture.

During the investigation, Russian law enforcement officials made a horrifying discovery in Cheskidov’s home. They uncovered human remains in the basement, pointing to the possible involvement of Cheskidov in yet another gruesome crime. The authorities also found a disturbing collection of sex toys, muzzles, and explicit pornography CDs, adding to the horror of the situation.

As the investigation deepened, the shocking truth emerged, revealing the extent of Ekaterina’s ordeal. She recounted how her nightmare began in 2009 when, at the tender age of 19, she encountered Cheskidov at a bus depot in Chelyabinsk. Little did she know that this chance meeting would lead to a terrifying ordeal that spanned over a decade.

Cheskidov allegedly kidnapped Ekaterina that fateful night, using a knife to declare her his hostage. From that moment on, she was subjected to unspeakable cruelty and abuse. Cheskidov kept her in captivity, allowing her to leave a padlocked bedroom with barred windows only under duress and at knifepoint to perform household chores.

The victim endured repeated torture and brutal beatings for even the slightest transgressions. She also claimed that in 2011, Cheskidov committed another horrific act by stabbing a woman named Oksana to death and then forcing Ekaterina to help him dispose of the body.

Throughout her captivity, Cheskidov employed horrifying tactics to keep Ekaterina subdued. He allegedly used duct tape to cover her mouth, preventing her from calling for help, and tied her to a beam to prevent any escape attempts whenever he left the house.

The ordeal finally came to an end when Cheskidov, who had been heavily drinking for months, suffered an alcohol-induced psychotic episode. During this incident, his mother called for help, and he was taken to a mental health institution. It was then that Ekaterina’s opportunity to escape presented itself, and with the encouragement of Cheskidov’s mother, she sought refuge with her sister and subsequently alerted the authorities.

Cheskidov has been deemed fit for trial and is currently remanded in custody, while his mother, Cheskidova, has been released. The 51-year-old has a criminal history, including a robbery conviction in 1989. If found guilty of murder and the other charges, he could face a lengthy sentence of 25 years in a penal colony.

As the nation grapples with the shock and horror of this case, Ekaterina’s bravery and resilience in surviving her unimaginable ordeal stand as a testament to the human spirit’s strength. The case has shed light on the importance of combating heinous crimes like kidnapping and sexual violence and underscores the need for justice to be served for Ekaterina and others who may have suffered at the hands of such monsters. The trial will undoubtedly be closely watched as the nation seeks to ensure that those responsible for such heinous acts face the full extent of the law.