Saudi Transgender woman Eden Knight dies by sui..cide after family pressures her to detransition

Recently, there has been much speculation and concern regarding the alleged suicide of a 23-year-old transgender woman named Eden Knight. Knight was originally from Saudi Arabia but had attended high school in the suburbs of Washington, DC in the United States. While the official investigation is still ongoing, reports suggest that Knight may have died by suicide after her family pressured her to undergo detransition.

In what appears to be a suicide note posted online before her disappearance, Knight accused her family of hiring “fixers” and a lawyer based in Washington DC to assist with her return to Saudi Arabia. Knight wrote, “If you’re reading this, I’ve already killed myself.” Following the news of her disappearance, a tweet allegedly belonging to Knight’s family announced the death of a “young man” with the same legal name as Knight, which has led many to believe that she may have passed away.

Knight’s friends have stated that they have not been able to contact her for 32 hours, and some of them believe that she has passed away. While the news of her death has been reported, the police have not yet found her body, and it may take some time to confirm whether or not her death was a suicide.

In her final message, which she posted on March 12th, Knight expressed her insecurities about her personality and appearance. She mentioned that her lawyer, Bader from Saudi Arabia, was acting strangely and pressuring her to detransition. According to Knight, Bader tried to befriend her, stayed in her apartment, and took her out to eat. However, Knight realized what he was doing after some time. Bader often talked about her appearance and insisted that she was male and that her current look did not suit her.

Knight felt manipulated and was eventually sent to Saudi Arabia to be with her family. While she was there, she realized that she was constantly under pressure and was not treated well. She also mentioned that she was done fighting and released a thank you message to her friend who had helped her while she was living in the United States.

Knight claimed that her family had hired Bader and three other people to look after her, and she felt as though she could not escape. She described feeling as though she was in jail and was unable to handle the pressure her family was putting on her. Her father had even called her a failure and an abomination, which had a significant impact on her mental health.

Many people have expressed their condolences and shared prayers for Knight and her family. It is hoped that more information will be revealed as the investigation continues, including interviews with Knight’s parents. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding her death, Knight’s tragic story has raised important questions about the experiences of transgender individuals and the support they need to navigate difficult situations.