Singer Lizzo plans to sue dancers who are accusing her of s3xual harassment

American singer and Grammy-winner Lizzo is reportedly taking legal action against three of her former backup dancers who have filed a lawsuit against her, alleging sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. The dancers, Crystal Williams, Noelle Rodriguez, and Arianna Davis, claim that Lizzo subjected them to sexual and racial harassment during their time working together, including forcing them to participate in explicit performances and engaging in degrading activities while touring Europe in February and March.

Lizzo vehemently denies these allegations and has decided to countersue her former dancers. Her attorney, Marty Singer, has brought forward new evidence in the form of photos and videos showing the trio seemingly enjoying themselves with topless performers backstage at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris on March 5, 2023. These images directly contradict the dancers’ claims of being forced against their will. Singer argues that these visuals speak for themselves and demonstrate that the plaintiffs willingly participated in the activities they later complained about in their lawsuit.

Singer further references an audition tape recorded by one of the accusers, Arianna Davis, in which she expresses her positive experiences working with Lizzo. Davis later explained that she initially did not fully realize the extent of the situation and was trying to protect her job. Singer highlights this as evidence that the dancers’ claims are inconsistent with their previous statements.

Lizzo’s attorney asserts that the dancers’ accusations are baseless and intends to pursue legal action for malicious prosecution once the claims are dismissed. On the other side, the dancers’ attorney, Neama Rahmani, stands by their allegations and states that they are receiving support from other former employees who have had similar experiences with Lizzo.

The original lawsuit by the three dancers alleges that Lizzo pressured them into participating in explicit and demeaning acts during a night out in Amsterdam’s red-light district. They claim that they experienced emotional distress as a result of these events. However, according to Lizzo’s lawyer, all three dancers had renegotiated their contracts with Lizzo within weeks of the alleged incidents, suggesting a different perspective on their experiences.

The legal battle continues as both parties present their evidence and arguments. The case highlights the complexity of situations involving allegations of harassment, conflicting accounts, and the challenges of establishing the truth in such matters.