Son arrested after keeping his mother’s corpse on his couch for 13 years

In a shocking and bizarre incident, a man from the small town of Radlin in southwest Poland has been arrested for keeping his mother’s corpse in his home for 13 years. The 76-year-old man, identified as Marian L., had reportedly dug up his mother’s grave, taken her body home, mummified it, and left it lying on his sofa on top of a pile of newspapers dating back to 2009.

The discovery was made after Marian’s estranged brother-in-law visited his home and noticed him acting strangely outside. Worried about his well-being, the brother-in-law called the paramedics who later found the mummified body on the couch inside the house.

According to police spokeswoman MaÅ‚gorzata Koniarska, Marian’s brother-in-law reported the body’s discovery to the authorities. She said, “The policemen went to Ul. Rogozina in Radlin. In the part of the house belonging to an elderly man, a mummified corpse was discovered.”

The District Prosecutor’s Office later identified the body as that of Jadwiga L., Marian’s mother. She had passed away in January 2010, and her body was buried in a local cemetery on January 16, 2010. However, it was discovered that her grave was empty, leading investigators to believe that Marian had dug up his mother’s body soon after the burial, mummified it, and kept it in his house ever since.

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According to Joanna Smorczewska from the District Prosecutor’s Office, DNA tests confirmed that the mummified corpse was Jadwiga’s. She said, “It was established that the grave of Jadwiga L. remains empty. It is likely that the man dug up the mother’s body immediately after its burial and then mummified it, and the body has remained in this house since 2010.”

Local media reports suggest that Marian, who lives just 300 meters from the cemetery, may have taken his mother’s corpse home on his bike. Head of the district prosecutor’s office Marcin FelsztyÅ„ski added, “Everything indicates that the man must have used some chemicals to mummify the corpse. The smell of mothballs was noticeable.” The body was apparently in “perfect condition,” despite being mummified for over a decade.

Although the discovery was made in February, the news has only recently come to light after Marian was charged with desecration of a corpse. It is believed that Marian was a loner, and his neighbors didn’t even know his name. One of his neighbors said, “He always left the house at night, took his bike, and went into the unknown.”

Meanwhile, Marian’s mother will be reburied, finally being laid to rest in the cemetery where she was supposed to rest in peace. The reasons behind Marian’s shocking act of preserving his mother’s corpse at home remain unclear, and the investigation is ongoing.