South African woman sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for killing her live-in boyfriend after he came home with another lady

Dieketseng Sello, a 26-year-old woman, has been sentenced to 13 years of direct imprisonment for the tragic murder of her boyfriend, Isaac Molai Moleko, aged 31, in South Africa. This sentencing came as a result of a decision by the Pretoria High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge, on Thursday, August 31, 2023. The court not only handed down the prison term but also ruled that Sello was unfit to possess a firearm.

The court heard the grim details of the events that unfolded on the evening of June 18, 2021. On that fateful night, the deceased, known as Skills or Lai Lai, accompanied another woman to the residence he shared with Sello in Kotshong. Within the confines of their home, a heated altercation erupted between Sello and the deceased. Following this confrontation, the deceased left with the other woman.

Upon returning home later, the dispute reignited between Sello and the deceased. Tragically, during this second altercation, Sello resorted to violence and stabbed the deceased multiple times. In the aftermath of this horrific incident, Sello called upon neighbors to assist in taking the injured deceased to a nearby clinic. Regrettably, the medical team at the clinic declared him dead upon arrival. The concerned neighbors promptly contacted the police, leading to Sello’s immediate arrest at the scene.

During the court proceedings, Sello pleaded guilty to the charges against her and, through her legal representative, requested the court to consider a sentence deviating from the prescribed minimum. Her plea was based on the fact that she is a mother of four minor children and expressed remorse for her actions.

However, during the sentencing phase, Advocate Micheal Shivuri revealed troubling details about Sello’s criminal history. While out on bail for the aforementioned matter, Sello had been convicted and sentenced to six months in prison for theft in February 2023. Even more concerning, during her transfer from court to Sun City prison, she managed to escape and was subsequently recaptured and sentenced to one year of direct imprisonment.

Furthermore, Shivuri highlighted that Sello exhibited no genuine remorse for her actions. The pre-sentence report prepared by a social worker indicated that this incident was not the first time Sello had assaulted the deceased. Her actions deprived her children of a father figure, leading Shivuri to implore the court to impose a sentence commensurate with the severity of the crime.

When delivering the verdict, Judge Mlotswa concurred with the prosecution’s assessment that Sello had shown no remorse. Instead of offering an apology to the deceased’s family, she had moved on with her life, entered into a new relationship, and even had more children. The judge characterized Sello’s behavior as cold and heartless, emphasizing that she had referred to the deceased as a “dog.”

Furthermore, Judge Mlotswa underscored the profound trauma inflicted upon Sello’s own children by her actions, as they would now grow up without a father. He concluded that the offense Sello committed was grave and disturbingly prevalent in society. Thus, the court deemed it essential to send a strong message that such crimes would not be tolerated, emphasizing the duty of the court to deter such criminals.

The tragic story revealed a toxic relationship that had its roots in 2016, characterized as “on-off” by those close to the couple. Regrettably, Sello had previously assaulted the deceased, including incidents in which she had stabbed him. Despite the family’s efforts to seek justice, charges against her had been dropped in the past, leaving a trail of heartache and sorrow.