Teenage girl becomes second person in a month to deface Colosseum

Swiss Teenager Allegedly Joins List of Vandals Defacing Rome’s Colosseum

In yet another incident of vandalism at Rome’s iconic Colosseum, a 17-year-old Swiss girl has allegedly become the latest perpetrator. Reports indicate that she was apprehended in the act of carving the letter “N” into the wall of the ancient amphitheater, a revered landmark within the historic city.

Footage capturing the incident seems to show the teenager using either a coin or a small rock to etch her name onto the stone surface. David Battaglino, who reportedly recorded the act, expressed his dismay to local media, stating, “It is the first time I have managed to film an act of vandalism at the Colosseum, but in six years, I have seen dozens. There are also those who rip off parts of the wall.” Battaglino further revealed that he had been subjected to an act of aggression himself when he reprimanded a boy, as the boy’s response was to spit on him.

Following the incident, Battaglino promptly reported it to the authorities, who subsequently summoned the girl and her parents for questioning. Surprisingly, it is claimed that the family displayed a rather nonchalant attitude towards their daughter’s actions, with the parents reportedly telling the police, “She’s just a kid; she wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

However, despite this seemingly dismissive stance, the incident may carry significant consequences for the girl and her parents. They could face fines of up to 15,000 euros for the defacement of the historic site.

This recent occurrence comes only a month after Ivan Dimitrov, a 27-year-old fitness instructor from Bristol, was exposed for his alleged attempt to carve his girlfriend’s name into the 2,000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site. Video footage captured by an American tourist, Ryan Lutz, purportedly shows Dimitrov using a set of keys to engrave the words “Ivan and Hayley 23” into the stone, as a reference to his presumed partner. In the video, Dimitrov is seen grinning at Lutz before resuming his carving.

These incidents of vandalism highlight a disturbing trend of disrespect and disregard for the cultural and historical significance of the Colosseum. As authorities continue to investigate such acts and enforce penalties, it serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting cherished heritage sites for future generations.