The Ayeni Family Drops a Bombshell: DNA Test Confirms Adaobi Alagwu’s Waterloo! – Family Source

In recent times, there has been significant media attention surrounding the estranged relationship between Abuja-based lawyer, Adaobi Alagwu, and billionaire businessman, Tunde Ayeni. Adaobi’s involvement with Tunde Ayeni has led to a public dispute, with Tunde’s wife, Biola Ayeni, making explosive allegations against Adaobi in a recent interview.

Biola Ayeni referred to Adaobi as a ‘tiger generator’ and labeled her as a ‘liar’, ‘gold digger’, and ‘impostor’. She vehemently denied any connection between Tunde Ayeni and Adaobi, stating that she is the only legitimate wife and mother to their three children. Biola firmly rejected Adaobi’s claims and expressed her conviction that the child Adaobi attributes to Tunde is not his.

In response to the situation, Tunde Ayeni issued an official statement published in various Nigerian national dailies. He disavowed any involvement with Adaobi and asserted that he is a father only to the three children he shares with his wife, Biola Ayeni. Tunde emphasized that the child Adaobi claims is his does not belong to him, and he has no children outside of his marriage with Biola.

Biola Ayeni further challenged Adaobi’s claim of being Mrs. Ayeni, calling her a desperate woman seeking to elevate her status by associating herself with Tunde Ayeni. Biola firmly stated that her marriage to Tunde is sacred and that Adaobi’s actions and claims hold no validity.

The situation has garnered significant attention in society, with Biola’s interview being described as one of the biggest society stories in recent times. The dispute has shed light on issues of fidelity, family, and legitimacy.

Tunde Ayeni’s statement, along with Biola Ayeni’s strong denunciation of Adaobi’s claims, has made it clear that Tunde Ayeni has no association with Adaobi and that she does not hold any place in his family or his life. The public dispute has undoubtedly brought immense media exposure and controversy to the individuals involved.