The governor of Nevada has announced a state of emergency due to a fuel pipeline spill.

On Friday night, Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo declared a state of emergency due to a leak in a pipeline supplying fuel to Las Vegas. The leak, which involved approximately 205 gallons of gasoline, was detected at a pumping station in the Watson neighborhood of Long Beach, California. The Kinder Morgan energy company shut down its 566-mile CalNev pipeline to investigate the incident. The pipeline provides gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel to various locations in California and Nevada. Governor Lombardo urged residents to avoid panic buying and directed the Nevada Department of Agriculture to request fuel waivers from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Clark County also declared a fuel emergency. The leak only impacted the delivery of unleaded and diesel fuel and had no effect on jet fuel deliveries to the airport. Kinder Morgan contained the spill, and there were no reported injuries. The company is working with customers to assess potential impacts and conducting an investigation into the cause and quantity of the release. Clark County believes it has an adequate supply of fuel and does not anticipate any immediate impact on gas availability.

The Kinder Morgan website says its 566-mile (911-kilometer) CALNEV pipeline transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from Los Angeles refineries and marine terminals through parallel 14-inch (35.5-centimeter) and 8-inch (20-centimeter) diameter pipelines to Barstow, California, and the Las Vegas area.

Hill said later that only the larger, 14-inch (35.5-centimeter) pipeline to Las Vegas had been shut down. abcnews reported

The pipeline station in Watson, California is operated by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. In a statement to KTNV, the company said the station was shut down along with the associated gas pipelines, SFPP West and CALNEV.