The hearing to decide the license status of a veterinarian accused of cruelty towards animals has begun.

The hearing to determine the fate of Ashlee Watts’ veterinary license, which is being conducted by the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings, has now entered its fourth day. The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is seeking revocation of Watts’ license and the hearing is the crucial first step in the process to determine if that should happen.

Watts was arrested in Brazos County in October 2021 on charges of animal cruelty, with allegations that she used a cattle prod, also known as a “hotshot,” during the treatment of a horse in her care while working at Texas A&M University. This case has garnered widespread attention and has been a major concern for animal rights activists and veterinary professionals alike.

It is crucial that this case is handled properly and that the outcome serves as a deterrent for any future instances of animal cruelty in the veterinary industry. A status hearing has been scheduled for February 24, 2023, and a trial date of June 26, 2023 has been set to resolve the charges.

Watts has faced legal issues in the past as well, having been named in two previous lawsuits before her arrest in 2021. This highlights the importance of ensuring that veterinary professionals are held to the highest standards of animal welfare and that any instances of cruelty or neglect are dealt with appropriately.

The hearing is of great significance as it will set the precedent for animal welfare in the state of Texas and have a lasting impact on the veterinary industry. The decision made by the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings will serve as a reminder of the importance of ensuring that all veterinary professionals are held accountable for their actions and that the safety and well-being of animals is always prioritized.